About Hisar Yogshala Foundation

Our goal is to feed your spirit via mindful breathing and movement. The alleviation of human suffering, anguish, and unhappiness, as well as the eradication of its root causes, is our ultimate priority.

Our Status in Numbers


Total Connected Yogarthies

We are grateful to serve a total of more than 50000+ online and offline Yogarthies at different locations in the country.


Years of Experience

Hisar Yogshala Foundation has been a pioneer in Vaidik Yoga and mindfulness-based education for more than six years.



Our Yogshalas are havens of serenity that are situated in the middle of important cities all throughout the country. Anyone is welcome.


Successful Yoga Trainers

We have successfully trained and enhanced the abilities of more than 100 yoga teachers as part of our effort to develop the skills of yoga trainers.

Swami Sumedhanand Ji Sarawati

Mentor (Sanrakshak)

Respected Swami Sumedhanand Sarawati ji has bestowed his blessing upon us being the Mentor (Sanrakshak) of Hisar Yogshala Foundation. He is a revered Saint at the Vedic Ashram in Piprali, the village of Rajasthan. Since 2014, he is serving as a member of the Lok Sabha for the Parliamentary Constituency of Sikar (Rajasthan). Swami Sumedhanand Sarawati ji is also the President of Gurukul Arya Nagar in Hisar.

Meet The Founder

Yog Guru Anil Panu (Founder)

Yog Guru Anil Panu is a passionate yoga instructor with over 29 years of professional experience learning and instructing yoga classes. Self-made entrepreneur in the yoga industry. He has created various iterations of the Yog curriculum and taught classes while possessing in-depth understanding of the postures, breathing exercises, and spiritual components of Yog teaching.

Although the “Hisar Yogshala Foundation” was officially established in 2020, Yog Guru Anil Panu had been in charge of the Yogshala since November 6, 2016. Additionally, he began free online seminars on Facebook during the Covid Pandemic and assisted thousands of individuals all over the world. People from many other nations took advantage of the free classes, including those from Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, America, Nepal, Portugal, and Brazil.

In addition to teaching the students of Patanjali Yogpeeth College for Professional Guidance, he gave guest lectures at IIT Kharagpur and a yog camp in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

He is currently striving to provide students who wish to advance their careers in yoga with quality skills, as well as working with kids and teenagers to instil Indian values and teach them our great texts like the Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta, Yogdarshan, and Hathayoga Pradeepika.

In order to build a society that is physically, psychologically, and spiritually strong, he has devoted his life to teaching yoga and mentoring aspiring yoga instructors.

Gaurav Sharma

Co-founder, Manager & IT Head

Gaurav brings his expertise in both business management and holistic wellness to our Yogshala. A passionate yogi Enthusiastic Student & trainer, Serving Since 2017.


Counselor & Yoga Trainer

Her life has been in and around YOGA for as long as she can remember. Dimpi knows all the details and teaches how to do yoga properly.

Kanta Hooda

Media Incharge

Kanta Hooda ji is Our Media in charge, the content creator of the YouTube page  ‘Haryanvi Riwaj”.

Suresh Kumar


The admin of Gurukul Arya Nagar Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Hisar & the Founder of Manobal Paathshala.

Kramveer Dhiwa

International Brand Manager

Kramveer Dhiwa ji is a Marine Engineer & he is our International Brand Manager.

Rajesh Kumar

Dairy Head

Rajesh ji is our Dairy Head and has been providing fresh and pure Indigenous Cow Milk in the city.

Meet our Expert Yog Trainers

We need the greatest people advancing our vision when our goal is to build a healthier, faster, and smarter society.
Discover our Yog trainers below.

Indu Soni

International Online Yoga Trainer

Indu is currently taking classes online and is our International Online Yoga Trainer. She is a dynamic, passionate and well-rounded Trainer.


Yoga Trainer

Manu has dedicated her life towards Yoga. Her Yoga classes are superb and are very result-oriented.

A Look To Our Specials

Take a look at the statistics of Hisar Yogshala’s expertise & more reasons to join our classes


For Every Age


More Than 1000+


Sprinting to Marathon


Gain Life's Energy


Be Healthy While Having Fun

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